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Actor grouping

When the actors' hierarchy grows or there are short-living actors referenced by a unique path name, it can be impractical to give each metric a unique set of attributes. This amplifies the amount of data exported and can affect collector performance. To solve this, Mesmer allows the definition of fine-grained rules on how metrics associated with different actors can be grouped together.

There are three actor attributes grouping options:

  • group - the metrics, collected for all the actors matching the given path, share the actor_path attribute.
  • instance - the metrics, collected for actors matching this path, have a unique actor_path attribute.
  • disabled - the metrics, collected for all the actors matching the given path, do not get actor_path attribute.

By default the path grouping is disabled. You can change this by launching the Mesmer extension with configuration option. This will give all the actors' metrics the attribute actor_path="/".

Alternatively, it is possible to override a single path grouping strategy as following

java -javaagent:path/to/opentelemetry-javaagent.jar \
-Dotel.javaagent.extensions=path/to/mesmer-otel-extension.jar \ \"/user/**"=group \"/system/**"=group \
-jar your-app.jar

This configuration will aggregate metrics for system and user hierarchies separately, grouping them by actor_path="/system" and actor_path="/user" attributes correspondingly.

The individual rule syntax is"<MATCHING_PATH>"=<GROUPING_OPTION>. The matching path supports limited set of wildcards, aiding to group metrics for variable path segments.

  • / - matches exactly one actor and therefore can be used only with the instance grouping option. For a topology of /user/my-actor and /user/my-actor/1 and the rules"/user/my-actor"=instance

    the metrics from /user/my-actor will get the attribute actor_path="/user/my-actor" while the metrics from /user/my-actor/1 will get the attribute actor_path="/" and likely will be grouped with metrics from other actors.

  • /* - matches a single variable tailing segment. For a topology of /user/my-actor, /user/my-actor/1, /user/my-other-actor and the rules"/user/*"=instance

    the metrics from /user/my-actor and /user/my-other-actor will get same values for actor_path attribute, while /user/my-actor/1 will be ignored.

  • /** - matches all tailing segments. For a topology of /user/my-actor, /user/my-actor/1, /user/my-other-actor and the rules"/user/**"=instance

    this will produce a unique metric for each actor with root at /user. This wildcard also can be applied using with grouping,"/user/**"=group

    Resulting in all metrics from actors with root at /user to be aggregated using common attribute actor_path="/user"