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Supported metrics

In Mesmer we support 3 types of metrics:

  • gauge - for sampled values
  • counter - monotonic counter
  • histograms - for recording value distributions

Akka core

Running actorsgauge
Mailbox sizegauge
Stashed messagedcounter
Mailbox timegauge
Processed messagescounter
Processing timegauge
Sent messagescounter

Akka Cluster

Shards per regiongauge
Reachable nodesgauge
Unreachable nodesgauge
Entities per regiongauge
Shard regions on nodegauge
Entities on nodegauge
Nodes downcounter

Akka Persistence

Persisted eventshistogram
Event persistence timehistogram
Recovery totalcounter
Recovery timehistogram

Akka Streams (experimental)

Running streamsgauge
Running operators per streamgauge
Running operatorsgauge
Stream throughputcounter
Operator throughputcounter
Operator processing timecounter

ZIO Executor Metrics

Executor Capacitygauge
Executor Concurrencygauge
Executor Dequeued Countcounter
Executor Enqueued Countcounter
Executor Sizegauge
Executor Worker Countcounter

ZIO JVM Metrics

JVM Buffer Pool Capacity Bytesgauge
JVM Buffer Pool Used Buffersgauge
JVM Buffer Pool Used Bytesgauge
JVM Classes Loadedgauge
JVM Classes Loaded Totalgauge
JVM Classes Unloaded Totalgauge
JVM GC Collection Seconds Counthistogram
JVM GC Collection Seconds Sumhistogram
JVM Infogauge
JVM Memory Bytes Committedgauge
JVM Memory Bytes Initgauge
JVM Memory Bytes Maxgauge
JVM Memory Bytes Usedgauge
JVM Memory Pool Allocated Bytes Totalcounter
JVM Memory Pool Bytes Committedgauge
JVM Memory Pool Bytes Initgauge
JVM Memory Pool Bytes Maxgauge
JVM Memory Pool Bytes Usedgauge
JVM Threads Currentgauge
JVM Threads Daemongauge
JVM Threads Deadlockedgauge
JVM Threads Deadlocked Monitorgauge
JVM Threads Peakgauge
JVM Threads Started Totalgauge

ZIO Runtime Metrics

Forwarded Nullcounter
Process CPU Seconds Totalgauge
Process Max FDSgauge
Process Open FDSgauge
Process Resident Memory Bytesgauge
Process Start Time Secondsgauge
Process Virtual Memory Bytesgauge
ZIO Fiber Failurescounter
ZIO Fiber Startedcounter
ZIO Fiber Successescounter